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Artemiafarm & ornamental fish breeding Rein

   Welcome to your manufacturers around the frozen food made in Germany.
Quality creates trust!

We are no friends of big words, because words can be a lot when the day is long. True quality is reflected in demonstrable results and satisfied customers. And this we have plenty to offer.

Since we are hobbyists, we know how important good nutritious food is. Be it as a frozen food or live food. It is difficult nowadays to come serve up good food, so we have set ourselves the goal to offer you that.
By extreme care in the production and processing of this is guaranteed.

Because you can only speak of quality food, if you have a direct impact in the manufacture of frost feed. This will ultimately benefit your ornamental fish.

Regarding the discus and ornamental fish is worked or bred only with healthy and robust animals which have potential and will to live. In addition, no medicines and special treatments in the rearing are used.

Through our many years of experience in the breeding of ornamental fish and the production of quality frozen food, we are the right partner for you.

Our services for you:

  • Expert advice on the subject of ornamental fish breeding and fish feed
  • powerful service
  • Controlled and certified quality
  • Quality frozen food from own production
  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Your supplier for any discerning aquarist for
  • reefkeeping
  • fresh water aquariums
  • Reptiles


  • From 100kg We also produce according to your recipe
  • for example. different Rinderherzmixe, Artemia / Mysismixe, Artemia with herbs and much more
  • even under your own brand
  • guaranteed, constant and controlled quality
  • of course, only with the best ingredients
  • Contact us!

We call our frozen food not premium or top quality ...... because good food takes its name. As you know, less is often more.

Your Artemiafarm & ornamental fish breeding
Ronny Rein


Our advice

white mosquito larvae

white mosquito larvae

6,70 EUR
M. ramirezi Multicolor

M. ramirezi Multicolor

7,95 EUR
Diskus-Spezial Baby w. 10% Mussels

Diskus-Spezial Baby w. 10% Mussels

6,00 EUR
brine shrimps eggs 100g

brine shrimps eggs 100g

19,50 EUR
Krill Superba

Krill Superba

5,60 EUR
Krill Pacifica Fine

Krill Pacifica Fine

5,60 EUR

12,00 EUR
- Kopie

- Kopie

13,90 EUR