Hello, our answers to the most common questions in our FAQ's . Should not be here to answer your question , then simply sign up and we will help you .
How can I order ?
Orders are taken at the store , by e- mail , telephone, fax or by letter with details of your address and phone number or email address counter .
Dispatch is always Wednesday and there are orders and payments account ( payment in advance) until Monday 12.00 clock .
What payment options do I have ?
Immediately following payment methods are possible in the new shop :
As before, the advance, upon completion of your order you will receive a confirmation email in then our bank details are angegen .
What is new is the direct debit, if you want this then please specify when registering your data. Thus, the order can be dispatched without the wait . Also new is the payment with Paypal Express, where you are then passed on the button for the payment during the order process.
What shipping options do I have ?
Shipping partners are basically DPD and Jungle-Express.
Frost and live food is shipped with DPD Express with delivery the next until 12.00 clock and live animal is realized by appointment with the company Go . Delivery is then also the next day to 12.00 clock in the economic centers until 10.00 clock .
I have ordered and I want it delivered to a different address ?
It can be sent to each delivery address where the receipt of the shipment can be confirmed .
So it may be the job , relatives or neighbors. It is only important that the potential recipient has knowledge of the delivery .
If the delivery address differs from the billing address , this can be specified when ordering . If you change your order , please advise us in time by email the delivery address.
Instructions for caging of live Artemia
Container and location
Suitable all kinds of containers are tolerate salt water. Via the warm months they are out containers , as best to choose a semi- shaded spot. Morning sun is ok but later it should be shaded. After all, the cooler the arte premiums are held and the longer they stay .
For 300g live Artemia about 50 liters should be eingplant .
Filling and ventilation
To fill with fresh tap water is best , no water change water !
Salting with about 1 tablespoon ( 25g ) to 1 liter of water. What is important is iodine-free salt. Sea salt may, but need not be unbedingrt .
Can aerate it with a very fine air stone ( it must be very fine bubbles) and not to strong current. But we have had the best experience without ventilation. Insert a filter in any case! This sucks on Artemia and then tilts the biology.
Insertion and feeding
Onset of Artemia with the water in the container. The transport of water do not slip away , because in these many water algae spores are included. The help bring your Biotope to run.
You can like corn meal, seaweed powder feeding
But please do not forget to feed Artemia are there - not to look at !
With a landing net demand abkeschern rinse with tap water and then feed it to your pets .